Hi- I'm Sarah - the designer and creator behind I Heart Stitch Art. I design and create embroidery patterns, then turn those patterns into easy and beautiful embroidery kits that make stitching fun and accessible. 

Meet Sarah - creator and designer of all things I Heart Stitch Art!

I know how healing hand embroidery can be, and I want to share it; my goal is to help you inject a little creativity into your life!

I live on Vancouver Island, off the West Coast of Canada - an incredibly beautiful part of the world. I share my days with my husband John and our three children, and we are in the midst of renovating a house. Life is noisy, messy, creative, and wonderful around here... and I love it.

I invite you to follow along on Instagram for daily updates on my process, the importance of creativity, and all things stitching. I'm glad you're here - and I hope you're planning on doing something creative today! 

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