What exactly is in a kit?

    A: Click here to see details of what comes with each type of kit!

Can I do this if I'm a beginner?

    A: The short answer is, yes! All our kits are designed to be accessible even to someone who has never held a needle before. If you're nervous, the very simplest ones to start with are the dragonfly, owl, and bee. But larger kits like the octopus and bicycle are also easy to do - they just take longer. If you order a complete kit, you'll also receive a practice sampler which is the ideal way to get started!

Can a child do this?

    A: Yes. Parents often tell us how much their child enjoyed our kit! We recommend ages 8+ and to start with a simpler pattern such as the owl or dragonfly. 

Which kit is the easiest?

    A: They are all designed to be accessible to a beginner. However, if you're nervous, the very simplest ones to start with are the smaller scale kits without any colour fill-ins; the dragonfly and the owl are perfect examples! 

What supplies will I need to do embroidery?

    A: You'll need fabric to stitch on, a hoop to hold it taut, a needle, some kind of embroidery thread, and a pattern. Click HERE to read our detailed post! 

Will the pattern wash off the fabric? 

    A: No. We use a permanent ink that will not erase with water or heat. However, your stitches will cover the ink and in the end it will not be visible.


When will my order arrive?

    A: It depends on where you are and which service you choose. Please see our 'SHIPPING FAQ's' page for more details! 


I like your patterns but I already have my own supplies. Can I buy just the pattern from you? 

    A: Yes! Each pattern is available as 'fabric only'.  You can also buy PDF versions of many patterns.

Where else can I find your kits? 

    A: We have been selling on ETSY since 2014; please click HERE to visit! 

Will you please make a pattern of a (corgi, hummingbird, cactus, airplane, camper, hot dog, mermaid, etc)? 

    A: It is always a possibility! Please send me a message and tell me what pattern you'd like to see next!

I am a retailer. Do you sell your products wholesale?

    A: Yes, up until the pandemic. Currently, due to supply chain challenges, we have temporarily paused wholesale. However, please send me a message and I will keep your shop on file in case we are able to resume! 


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