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Hi! I'm Sarah and I'm the designer and creator behind I Heart Stitch Art. I design and create embroidery patterns, then turn those patterns into easy and beautiful embroidery kits that make stitching fun and accessible.  I know how healing hand embroidery can be, and I want to share it; my goal is to help others inject a little creativity into their lives! 

Hi, I'm Sarah, the creator behind I Heart Stitch Art!

 I Heart Stitch Art was launched in 2014.  Since then, we've booked over 12,500 sales on Etsy and have been featured by Etsy, Better Homes & Gardens, the Holderness Family, and more! 

Here are a few scenes from the I Heart Stitch Art studio.

I live on Vancouver Island, off the west coast of Canada, with my husband John and our three children. Together we make every component of every kit and ship each one from our home studio workshop. We are committed to sending you the best of everything. 

Embroidery, lace, and boots.

Thank you for your support - YOU are the one I work for. I value your feedback greatly, and want to hear what you want, and what you think about the kits. Have a question? A pattern you'd like to see? I try to answer every message, so please get in touch below! 

Thank you for being here, and happy stitching. 



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