How to: transfer a pattern to fabric! Method 1: Tracing

How do I transfer a pattern to my fabric? 

So you've got your fabric - you've got your pattern - but you need to get the pattern ONTO the fabric. There are several ways to do this. 

In this post, I'm showing you the simplest way - the tracing method. 

For this, you will need

-Your chosen fabric

-Your chosen pattern, scaled in the size you want and printed on paper

-A fine-tipped pen or sharp pencil

-A bright window

 The first step is to tape your pattern to a bright window. Use painter's tape so it won't leave a residue on your glass. 

Next, tape your fabric overtop. Be sure to centre the fabric over the design. Again, using painter's tape, the wider the better, will hold your fabric securely without leaving a residue.

Next, take your writing implement. I suggest a fine-tipped marker pen; you can use a sharp pencil if need be, but pens tend to glide over the fabric better. 

Rest your hand against the window for stability and carefully trace over the lines of your design. 

Tip: if you have trouble seeing the pattern through your fabric (sometimes darker or thicker fabrics can pose a challenge), it may help to darken the lines of your pattern, using a Sharpie. 

After a little careful work, you're done and ready to get stitching! 


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